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Saudi Arabia can look like the sum total of its contradictions. Getting a visa to Saudi Arabia is almost impossible, countless numbers of Muslim pilgrims flood into the country and birthplace of the self-appointed custodian of Islam. The result is a country pulled in two directions at the same time. One, into the future and two into the past - which collide in the present. To sum up Saudi Arabia is the place to take the pulse of modern Islam. There are many wonders that fill this country from ancient Nabataean city that can rival Petra to world-class diving and avant-garde architecture alongside cities built of coral. Saudi Arabia is not just rich in oil, money and the great sights it offers to see but in the culture that it holds deep to its heart.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

November to February

Tourist Atractions

Madain Salah, the rock-hewn Nabataean city in an otherworldly desert landscape
Saudi Arabia's most beguiling city, Jeddah, with souqs and a wood-and-coral old quarter
Najran, echoes of Yemen with its forts and multistorey mud homes
An ancient fortress and audacious modern architecture in Riyadh
Hejaz Railway's old stations and tracks made famous in Lawrence of Arabia

Popular Activities

Dive or snorkel the.Red Sea with scarcely another diver in sight
Take the cable car down the cliff to the hanging village of Habalah
Venture into one of the world's most famous deserts, the Rub al-Khalil, or Empty Quarter
Journey back to the 19th-century origins of Wahhabi Islam and al-Saud ruling dynasty in Dir'aiyah
Cheer on the camels lumbering across the sand just north of Riyadh

In Flight

Books: Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger, a travel literature classic through the Empty Quarter with the Bedouin
Music: to the call to prayer; or to Abdou Majeed Abdullah, the closest Saudi Arabia comes to a rock star
Movies: National Geographic's Inside Mecca, the only way for a non-Muslim to see inside this Muslims-only city

Complete your visit With:

Taste: khouzi (lamb stuffed with a chicken that is stuffed with rice, nuts and sultanas)
Drink: cardamom-flavoured coffee

Words To Learn

Allah? akbar (God is Great)

Known For:

Oil-rich sheikhs and Bedouin nomads; Mecca and Medina, Islam's holiest cities; vast shopping malls; mutawwa (religious police charged with upholding Islamic orthodoxy)


During Bedouin feasts, excessive conversation among the normally garrulous Bedouin is considered a sign of poor manners

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