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Syria is currently at the edge of being in a state of revolution, but travellers who know Syria better would tell you otherwise. This is a place where the long standing tradition of warm Arabian hospitality that has survived the turmoil of a region beset by conflict and crual dictaors who will cut down their own people to stay in power. Although Syrians themselves are what travellers remember most fondly from their visit. This country has always stood at history's crossroads and has much more to offer. Syria has Roman ruins, the castles fought and won from the Crusader by some of the most savge warlords, and achient cities. Syria is also known for the Mediterranean's most excusite homade dishes served. Syria is exreamly easy to visit and one of the Arab world's most accessible entry points for experienced travellers.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

March to May (spring)

Tourist Atractions

The extraordinarily beautiful old city of Damascus, with abundant signposts to the Middle East's great civilizations
The ancient Roman city of Palmyra, like an evocation of a fairy tale in the desert
Crac des Chevaliers, the stunning hilltop Crusader castle with a labyrinth of rooms and panoramic views
Bosra's wonderfully intact 15,000-seat Roman theatre and citadel
Apamea, the little-known Roman city with an extraordinary colonnaded street

Popular Activities

Get lost beneath the vaulted ceilings of Aleppo's souq, one of the world's most evocative bazaars
listen to the Arab world's last storyteller, then head for the peerless Umayyad Mosque in Damascus after sunset
Stay in a hotel occupying one of the old courtyard homes in Old Damascus
listen to mass in Aramaic, the language of Christ, in Maalula
Wander through peaceful Qala'at Samaan, where St Simeon Stylites once sat

In Flight

Books: The Dark Side of Love by Rafik Schami, a beautifully written love letter to his troubled nation
Music: to Lena Charnamian's Shamat, which has seen her dubbed Syria's new diva
Movies: Out of Coverage, directed by Abdellatif Abdelhamid, a nuanced study of Syrian society that somehow satisfied Syrian censors

Complete your visit With:

Taste: at a converted courtyard restaurant in Old Damascus or Aleppo: an ice cream, at Bakdash, a world-famous Damascene institution
Drink: shay na'ana (mint tea), the essential complement to Syrian hospitality

Words To Learn

Mien wa sahlan (Welcome)

Known For:

Larger-than-life posters of the Assad dynasty that has ruled-Syria since 1970; two of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on earth (Damascus and Aleppo)


One out of every three Syrians is under 15 years old

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