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The history of Turkey is the result is a country set on the land of great diversity that is entirely satisfying to visitors. The sun and relaxing beaches are the easy things to spot, but the landscapes rewards with rivers perfect for rafting, quiet villages where fig trees droop over stone walls and a rugged mountain interior peaking at biblical Mt Ararat are just the begining. The history that has left a legacy of clifftop castles, palaces and caravanserais where you can almost still hear the camels bellowing. Turkey curently stands in the former Rome empire which later became the Bizantine or eastern roman empire.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

April to June, and September to October

Tourist Atractions

The soaring interior domes of Istanbul's Aya Sofya and the Blue Mosque
Glassy blue waters of Oludeniz lagoon and nearby, untouched Butterfly Valley o A glimpse of Turkey as it once was in the elegant Ottoman-era konaks (mansions) of Safranbolu
Ephesus, the best-preserved Roman city in the eastern Mediterranean o The trenches, cemeteries and the tranquillity of the beach at Anzac Cove

Popular Activities

Wander among the 'fairy chimneys' and rocky outcrops of Cappadocia, or float over them in a hot-air balloon at dawn
Get pummelled, soaped and rinsed on the marble in a hamam (Turkish bath)
Watch the sunset amid the monumental stone heads on Nemrut Dagi
Haggle for carpets, cushions, copperware or ceramics in the Grand Bazaar
Abandon yourself to the winds and tides on a Blue Voyage from Fethiye

In Flight

Books: Istanbul: Memories of a City by Nobel Prize?winner Orhan Pamuk; and Barbara Nadel's Istanbul whodunits featuring detective cetin lkmen
Music: to the pop of Tarkan; or Anatolian-folk infused albums from Sezen Aksu
Movies: Uzak (Distant), an observation of Turkey's modern dilemmas by Nuri Bilge Ceylan; and Crossing the Bridge: the Story of Music in Istanbul by Fatih Akin

Complete your visit With:

Taste: the ubiquitous kebap; or hunker begendi (pureed aubergine with lamb and bechamel) which is sublime
Drink: gay (tea) in tulip-shaped glasses; ra (grape brandy flavoured with aniseed); or ayran (a refreshing yoghurt drink)

Words To Learn

Hog geldiniz (Welcome!)

Known For:

Domes and minarets; kebaps; carpet salesmen; Turkish delight; beaches blue-glass eye amulets; prayer beads; Istanbul ferries; hamam

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