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Yemen may be the Arabian Peninsula's time capsule to old Arabia. At the crossroads of spice and incense routes, Yemen is one of the oldest regions in this part of the world that has not touched the winds of modernity with a rich history that dates back to mideval times. To this day Yemen remains a medieval land with modernist fantasy to be discovered by the rest of the world. This fascinating country stretching from the shores it's shores of over 200 island in the Red Sea to beyond the shores of the Arabian Sea. Yemen is not welthy but it is extraordinarily rich in historical sites. Thair ancient sites are refreshingly freed from materialism with an atmosphere of uncluttered authenticity no longer present at other historical locations.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

October to March

Tourist Atractions

San'a, the 2500-year-old Unesco World Heritage-listed city with 14,000 ancient buildings
Wadi Hadramawt's otherworldly mud villages, especially Shibam which has been dubbed the 'Manhattan of the Desert'
Shaharah, the ancient mountain village with a 17th-century suspended bridge and fantastic scenery
Thilla, the historic fortified village with stone walls and lovely architecture C. Aden, Yemen's most modern city with some fine beach resorts nearby

Popular Activities

Pick your way through Eerie's Souq al-Milh, the Arabian Peninsula's finest market
Hike through the Jebel Kawkaban from the fortified citadel of Kawkaban
Step back into Yemen's ancient history at Ma'rib, home to Sabean temples
Explore wildlife-rich Suqutra where you can go diving, caving and hiking
Drive into the clouds in the Jabal Razih, a mountain region with remote villages

In Flight

Books: Yemen: Travels in Dictionary Land by Tim Mackintosh-Smith - wry observations of Yemeni life from a long-time San'a resident
Music: to Habibi Tabl by Ahmed Fathey, a renowned Yemeni oud player and singer
Movies: Pier Paolo Pasolini's Arabian Nights, a racy adaptation of the age-old collection of stories that includes scenes shot in Yemen; or A New Day in Old Sanaa'a, the first- ever Yemeni film by Bader Ben Hirsi

Complete your visit With:

Taste: salta (a piping-hot meat stew with lentils, beans, coriander and fenugreek)
Drink: tea scented with cardamom; or coffee with ginger

Words To Learn

ithnayn shay (teas please)

Known For:

Frankincense; Queen of Sheba; mud skyscrapers in the Wadi Hadramawt; Bedouin tribesmen with jambiyas (ceremonial daggers); chewing gat (an intoxicating plant)


Despite having been unified for centuries, modern Yemen was actually divided into two countries - South Yemen and North Yemen - until 1990

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