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Business Class Flights on Saudi Airlines

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Business travelers are usually not as concerned with in-flight comfort as they are with an environment that is as ideal for relaxing or catching up on work. Saudia Business Class is not only designed to provide efficient friendly and caring services, but one that is completely unobtrusive and mindful of passengers?need for personal space. Much akin to first class, passengers get a warm welcome and are offered cardamom-flavored Arabic coffee and dates as well as a collection of the freshest fruit juice.

Introduction to Saudi Business Class

Saudi Airlines business class seat

Business class seats in Saudia Airlines are wide enough to qualify as First Class seats on other Airlines, with generous space to allow for generous legroom. Headrests come standard with adjustable padded wings for maximum comfort; the seats themselves are ergonomically-designed which provide optimal lumbar support, crucial for those long-hour flights. Likewise, seating configuration is adequately spacious.

Business Class Seat Specification's

  • Boeing 747-368
  • Seat Pitch 40, Width 20.15
  • Wide enough to be considered First Class seats by other airlines' standards
  • Headrests equipped with adjustable padded wings
  • Equipped with special monitors that are often as large as 15 (depending on the aircraft make and model)

business class Saudi Airlines Cuisine

Saudi Business Class Menu

business class flight on Saudi Airlines

The international cuisine offered on SA is as diverse and varied as its destinations. Offered on the menu are Arabic, Western and dish from the destination country as well as vegetarian choices. Also offered are 3 choices of hors d'oeuvres and traditional soups. Subsequently, hot dessert or ice cream and tea and coffee are offered as well, including espresso and cappuccino, with your choice of white/brown sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Saudi Airlines Business Class In-Flight Entertainment

s the finest cuisine you Saudi Airlines business class entertainment

Seats are equipped with special monitors that can often reach up to 15 in some aircraft models. A remote control offers you complete control over your own personal entertainment hub. An entertainment system provides you with 24 stations of video on-demand in some models, up to 40 stations on others. Additionally, it has over 12 audio stations and a variety of videogames to choose from. The Airshow feature allows you to chart you to chart your flight's progress, while also indicating the direction of Al-Qiblah, or The Holy Ka'ba. This map is being updated in real time and reads information directly fed from the aircraft's navigation system. Also, via the entertainment system, you can get a true "pilots's eye" view facing forward and downward. And at last, the SkySales catalogue system allows you to track purchases made online.


All passengers receive overnight kits on the flight, for their personal care. Bags are provided to children under 12, which include books, games and other items of interest, to keep them occupied, particularly on long flights.

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This article is an overview of Business class seats found on Saudia Airlines. It briefly outlines the type of seats available, the menu, as well as in-flight menu and amenities offered.

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