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All seats are equipped with Panasonic eX2 Audio and Video onDemand system, providing both World Business Class and economy class passengers with individual screens and control panels so they can start and stop their personal entertainment program at their leisure. The personal LCD widescreens in economy are 9 inches and those in WBC are 10.4 inches.More Information
World Business Class features noise reducing headsets and 16 audio channels with audio on demand and a cool personalized Jukebox feature. Coach features audio entertainment too but no special headphones, bring your own for better quality.
Meal and beverage service is offered in all classes on intercontinental flights.
Certain infant amenities will be aboard your intercontinental flight. Contact KLM Rservations for more information.
Passengers aboard this aircraft can connect their laptop or other electronic equipment to the power supply located in all seats on this plane. They can also send and receive e-mails and text messages through the entertainment system.

Klm economy seat
The total Length of your seat: 31
Seat Width: 17.5
222 standard seats

Klm economy plus seat
The total Length of your seat: 35
Seat Width: 17.5
40 standard seats

Klm business class seat
The total Length of your seat: 60
Seat Width: 20.25
30 angle-flat seats

Klm First class seat

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