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Air Canada offers Audio and Video on Demand with personal touch screen TVs at every seat.  Business Class can enjoy an 18" touch screen, Premium Economy an 11" touch screen, and Economy Class a 9" touch screen.
Air Canada offers Audio and Video on Demand with personal touch screen TVs at every seat.
For Air Canada's international services aboard this aircraft, complimentary food and drink are offered. An enhanced meal is offered in Business Class.For domestic and transborder flights over 90 minutes, Air Canada operates its Onboard Cafe in Economy Class and charges for alcoholic beverages, snacks and meals. As of May 1 2010, Air Canada only accepts credit cards onboard. Economy Class passengers purchasing a Latitude fare (full Economy) may show their boarding card for complimentary drinks, snacks or meals. Vouchers may be purchased in advance of flight which provide a 20% savings. Business Class passengers receive free bar and meal service.More Information
For intercontinental and transcontinental flights, you may request an infant meal up to 18 hours before your departure. Seats 1D, 18DEG, and 31DEG are bassinet locations, meaning these seats have easy access to the three-point provision on the bulkhead to which a baby bassinet can be secured. The bassinet is manufactured by Noorduyn Norseman of Montreal and can be provided upon request by a flight attendant. Call Air Canada reservations for more information.
110v AC powerports are available at every seat in Business and Premium Economy Class.  Economy Class is equipped with 2 ports for every three seats.  USB ports are available for every seat in the aircraft.  

Air Canada economy seat
The total Length of your seat: 31
Seat Width: 17.3
210 standard seats with 5 inch recline

Air Canada economy plus seat
The total Length of your seat: 38
Seat Width: 19.5
21 recliner seats with 7 inch recline

Air Canada business class seat
The total Length of your seat: 80
Seat Width: 21
20 flat bed seats with 180 degrees recline

Air Canada First class seat

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