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Asiana Business CLass Overview

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business class on  Asiana Airline

Flying business class on Asiana Airlines is not only luxurious but environmentally friendly as well. People also opt for Asiana Airline Business Class because of the comfortable travel enabled by the special seating layout. Plus you can also enjoy quality meals and wine offered on-board. Along with other amenities, the in-flight entertainment ensures that passengers enjoy every minute of their journey.

Asiana Airlines Business Class Seats

business class flights on  Asiana Airline

Asiana Airlines business class passengers have a great time traveling as the airline has some of the best seats out there. You can easily pull them in and out to adjust your leg space, and you can very comfortably sleep or sit on those seats, as they are very soft.

Asiana Business Class Seat Specifacation's

Stretch out in any given position with :
- Seat Pitch goes up to 78"
- Seat width ranges from 20"-21"
- Personal TV and laptop on all seats except on Boeing 747-400 Combi (74E)
- All seats are angled except recliners on Airbus A320-200 (320) and lie-flat seats on Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Version 2eat length ranges from 35"-80"

business class flights on Asiana Airline

Business Class Menue for Asiana

business class flights on Asiana Airline

Eating in Asian Airlines business class is like eating in a restaurant. The menu consists of different kinds of meals so that every kind of traveler can have the food of his or her choice. Vegetarians can have a specially prepared veggie meal that mostly consists of steamed rice and vegetables. The airline also offers delicious Korean delicacies that are mouthwatering. It also has a wide range of drinks that can be enjoyed at any time. The menu differs from destination to destination, but one thing that remains the same is the quality and taste.

In-flight Entertainment

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All the Asiana Airlines business class travelers can enjoy their time on the flight by watching their favorite watching movies. They are provided with 30 different titles to choose from. Both new and classic movies are available in good quality for the entertainment of passengers. The 15" monitor, attached with the seat, gives a crisp display and can be enjoyed from any angle

General Amenities

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The business class has every amenity that you can possibly think of. There are custom toilets for the handicapped. Also, every business class passenger also gets a personal deposit to store shoes, clothes or other accessories safely.

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