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International Business Class Flights on British Midland

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A lot of passengers opt for British Midland?s business class for traveling, especially to international destinations because it gives a truly unique traveling experience. In particular, the business class offers quality seats to its passengers that provide the necessary comfort and privacy required for an international flight. Moreover, passengers can savor delicious foods prepared by expert cooks. To top it off, you can each passenger can engage in private and shared entertainment devices.

Introduction to BMI Business Class

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The airline has recently introduced new seats that are especially prepared to give privacy to all the travelers. They have been met with great reviews from every corner. They are specially designed to give the travelers a great time. The seats may be a little hard, as they were installed recently. The new business class seats are both standard and lie-flat seats. For long distance travelers, lie-flat seats are the best option, as they are very comfortable to sleep on.

Business Class Seat Specifacation's

Long Haul Business Class

  • Angled seats have a pitch between 50" and width of 20".
  • Lie-Flat business class seats have a pitch of 78?? and width ranging from 22"-32"
  • Personal TV and laptop power in all seats

Short Haul Business Class

  • Seat pitch ranges from 33"-35"
  • Seat width ranges from 17.5"-20.5"

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British Midland Business Class Menue

First class flight on British Midland

BMI offers delicious food to its business class passengers that are prepared by expert cooks. Different meals are offered so that all the passengers can enjoy the food they like. Soups, juices and soft drinks are also offered to the business class passengers, along with great free wine with other beverages or desserts.

In-Flight Entertainment

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Enjoy your time watching movies or television shows of your choice. There is a wide variety to choose from. Travelers also have a choice of modern and classic music videos and MP3s to listen to. All the BMI business class travelers have a great time as the LCD is nicely fixed and is easy to watch from any angle.


When traveling by British Midland business class, you do not have to worry about papers as it allows paperless boarding. Business class passengers receive all the on their cell phones, which serve as the boarding pass. Other amenities for business class passengers include premium check-ins, exclusive lounges and excellent on-board and off-board support.

cheap business class seats on British Midland

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