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business class on EVA Airways

EVA Airway's business class offers state-of-the-art facilities for passengers on-board. The seats are beautifully designed and spacious. You can also enjoy delicious Chinese cuisine to satisfy your appetite. Not to mention, EVA Airways business class features the most advanced on-board flight entertainment system in the industry.

EVA Airways Business Class Seats

business class flights on EVA Airways

Travelling in EVA Air's business class is truly a comforting and pleasurable flying experience. The cabins are spacious, and the rows are positioned 44 inches apart. This means that passengers can stretch out, change their position, and extend their legs without any hassle. Another feature that only EVA Airways business class passengers can enjoy is the personal in-armrest video system on each seat. You can sit back and relax while watching videos or reading newspapers and magazines offered on-board.

Business Class Seat Specifacation's

Eva Air's Long-haul business class seats:
- Have pitches ranging from 38"-61"
- Seat width ranges from 20"-22.5"
- Are angled except for standard ones on Boeing 747-400 Combi (74E) and recliners on Boeing 777-300ER (77N).
- Personal TVs and laptops except on Boeing 747-400 (747) and Boeing 747-400 Combi (74E)

business class flights on EVA Airways

Business Class Menue for EVA Air

business class flights on EVA Airways

Food and drinks in business class vary with the route being travelled. Some standard delicacies offered in business class include traditional Wattle-necked Soft-shell Turtle with Shiitake Mushrooms and Red Dates, garden-fresh salad, Garlic Frog's Legs, and Fried Apricot Mushroom with Three Cup Sauce. The food is prepared by expert chefs who use the best ingredients available. Not to mention, these foods are healthy as well. Good news for Din Tai Fung?s fans is that their branded meals, included the famous braised noodles can be enjoyed on-board as well.

In-flight Entertainment

cheap business class on EVA Airways

Eva Airways offers modern in-flight entertainment to its business class passengers, particularly on Boeing B 777-300ER, Airbus A330-200 and Airbus A330-300. You can view movies, play video games, and indulge in your favorite music on the flight?s Star Gallery entertainment library. The library is easy to use to help you select the content of your choice. You will also be given noise-blocking headphones so you can be completely immersed in your own world.

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