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All classes on this plane offer personal video screens with 40+ TV features. Business class comes equipped with 15-inch personal IFE screens; Premium Economy comes equipped with 12.4-inch personal IFE screens; Economy comes equipped with 8.9-inch personal IFE screens.
All seats come with a choice of up to 120 albums/channels.
Complimentary food and beverage service is available on long-haul flights for all classes. 
Business, Premium Economy, and Economy Class feature powerports and USB ports at every seat.  

Lot economy seat
The total Length of your seat: 32
Seat Width: 16.9
213 standard seats

Lot economy plus seat
The total Length of your seat: 38
Seat Width: 19.5
21 recliner seats

Lot business class seat
The total Length of your seat: 78
Seat Width: 23
18 flat bed seats with 180 degree recline

Lot First class seat

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