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All seats have personal televisions with a wide variety of videos and movies. Each passenger is offered his or her own personal seven inch touch screen media player which features a wide diverse selection of twenty movies, fifty TV shows, five video games and noise-reduction headsets.More Information
Many of the aircrafts in United’s international fleet feature on-demand entertainment systems, allowing you to relax and enjoy a variety of entertainment options during your inflight experience.More Information
Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased in Economy and are free of charge in Premium Cabins (First/Business). Premium alcohol is also available on select flights for purchase.Premium Cabins: offered snacks on flights under 2.5 hours, offered full meal service with on flights 2.5 hours and longerEconomy Class: Snack Shop and Bistro on Board offerings available for purchase on most flights, complementary meals/snacks are available on Caribbean, select Latin America, trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific (excluding continental U.S. to/from Hawaii), intra-Pacific, Micronesia, and South American flightsMore Information
Regular AC power with no adapter required for US and UK plugs is featured onboard. A power port is located at each seat in BusinessFirst and there are two outlets for each set of triple seats in Economy.

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