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How does Way To Fly offer such low Business class fares?

Here at we are able to provide our customers with several options of wholesale business class tickets. Way to fly uses several different techniques to save you as much money as possible. Consolidated Rates are discounted by the airlines that is sold by most airline companies to consolidators to fill excess Business class seats. There are several different types of consolidated airfare from Net Fares, Bulk Fares, Commission Fares, and Published Fares. These fares are available to most other travel agents but Way To Fly goes above and beyond regular travel agencies with Business Class Flights.

We use several other technique which save our customers thousands of dollars on their business class airfare such as : Upgrade Vouchers from economy to business class to name one.

Another Way we help find our clients the cheapest business class Flight is by searching from ever US hub to your destination in business class. This is called Segment by Segment building and is not allowed by search engines for various reasons such as the strain on their web servers but travel agents can search by hand and literally build you the Cheapest Business class flight. Once we find the Cheapest flights we search for a seat to the hub that has a the same class of service in Business Class. This added segment only an additional $30 to $140 per person and we can save you thousands of dollars on you Business Class Flights.

Now we do not want to give away all our trade secrets but give us a call and you will save thousands. Way to fly has business class tickets that are always below the lowest published Business Class air fare available directly from an airline company.

When are Business Class Travel Agents available?

Travel agents are available on the phone between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm PST. Once you have Talked with an Agent they will pass on there direct line and email. Agents are available through email and their direct line almost 24 hours a day.

Can I get a seat for my baby?

Most airlines will let you purchase a seat for an infant, but you will need to pay a child fare. Some airlines will not allow an infant on a separate seat at all. Please check with an agent.

What kind of extra discounts can I get for children/seniors/military/etc?

Discounts for Infants and Children; Most airlines provide discounts for infants up to 24 months old, and children from 2-11 years of age. The fare for infants is usually 20% of an adult fare, while the usual fare for children is 75% of an adult fare, plus taxes and fees. However, some discounted business class tickets have no additional reductions for children or infants. Please check with us to confirm any business class discount information. Senior/Military discounts: We do not have additional discounts for seniors, primarily because our business class flights are already deeply discounted. Most of consolidated business class fares are actually cheaper than most regular published fares with senior business class discounts.

When will I receive my Business Class tickets?

Most of the tickets we issue are E-tickets, which are the confirmed bookings directly with the airline and e-mailed to you once you book your business class flight with one of our Travel Agents. You do have an option to get a "paper copy" of you business class air fare. If you choose to do so, please mark of that option on the "Ticket Release Form" and you can expect to receive your business class tickets in 3-5 business days.


General info on how to travel cheaper.


  • Be prepared to travel from a major city or hub. If you do not live near a major hub, your travel agent can find you the least expensive way to get to the departure point for your international business class flight.
  • Try to travel Monday through Thursday. This will give you two big pricing advantages in business class: a) much better seat availability in business class, b) you will save on average $30 or more per person in each direction by not incurring the weekend surcharge. More people travel on weekends and airfare will cost much more.
  • Minimum stay Saturday required. Many of you have seen this before but what it really means? It's pretty simple. The majority of airlines require traveler(s) to spend an overnight Saturday during his or her trip. If you depart on a Tuesday, in order to qualify for a cheaper rate you must return at least on a Sunday. If you need to depart on Sunday and return the next Saturday, or earlier, you will not be able to qualify for the cheaper fare.
  • Travel off-season. Prices are highest during Summer and Holidays. You can save as much as 60% on airline tickets if you travel during low seasons like Winter, Spring or Fall. Check out our Economy specials



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